Third Party Events


A unique and wonderful way to give to Fairhaven is through holding a Third Party Event. These fundraising events are planned from outside parties who give the proceeds to the Fairhaven Foundation..

There are so many creative ideas such as walk-a-thons, head shaving, bowling parties, garage sales, bake sales, fashion shows, concerts, comedy nights, car washes, BBQ , “wear jeans to work day”, or a “dress up day at work” or simply hosting a dinner where instead of gifts, guests make a donation to Fairhaven.

All third party events must be approved by Fairhaven before the event can be promoted to the public. Also, any use of the Fairhaven logo or name on printed materials must be approved in writing by Fairhaven– this includes all promotional and publicity pieces. Once approved, we’ll list your event on our website.

Third Party Events raise money for Fairhaven while raising awareness in the Peterborough community.

Just think your efforts might help to fund a much-needed piece of equipment such as emergency blankets or furnishings for residents’ rooms and the awareness created might be the way that will help to enrich the lives of Fairhaven residents.


Contact Jen Baro at 705-743-0881 ext. 250 or via email at Jen Baro for more information or so you can start planning.