Fairhaven COVID-19 Employee Bulletin #55 – COVID Restrictions on Location of Breaks

The Chief Medical Officer of Health has released an update to COVID-19 Directive #3 for Long Term Care Homes, effective August 28, 2020, that allows Residents to leave the Home’s property for a short stay or temporary absence.  To retain consistency for all people who live and work in Fairhaven, employees of the Home will have the same ability to leave the grounds on breaks. 

For the record, I believe that the timing of this Ministry policy change, so close to the opening of schools, is misguided.  I do realize what a terrible strain that it has been on families that want to take their Residents out of the Home for a brief time but Fairhaven is charged with the responsibility of keeping our Residents and staff safe and free of the coronavirus, and it is simply another layer of risk that we do not need before we see what kind of effect school openings have on our regional and provincial C-19 caseloads.  We remain committed to the prevention of a COVID-19 outbreak in our Home; the following requirements must be stressed:

•      Employees are encouraged to remain on their home areas for breaks. RHA activity rooms will remain a designated break space for staff and the back balcony of each RHA will remain dedicated for smoking

•      If you choose to leave your RHA on your break, please remember that we are still trying to limit the amount of traffic and contact points in the home. Leave your RHA and go directly to your intended destination. If you need to speak with someone in the core of the building, please do so by telephone, email or appointment only.

•      Employees leaving the premises during breaks must be screened in/out.

•      If outside, either on the premises or not, employees are expected to adhere to physical and social distancing measures.

•      If you plan to leave the premises during your unpaid break, please remember that entering any establishment in a dirty work uniform is highly irresponsible. We all have a responsibility, especially during these times to protect each other and our community.

•      Only one staff member may leave the floor at a time. It has always been and will continue to be the expectation that only one nursing staff member be on break at a time. Please ensure this is adhered to.

•      These guidelines are subject to change when an outbreak of any kind is declared in the Home.

If you have any questions, please contact your Nursing Supervisor or Resident Care Manager.

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