Fairhaven COVID-19 Employee Bulletin #54

There have been a great number of people who have helped staff the home, during the last five months, by staying for a double shift when the second block of time starts an hour or less after their first/original shift.  While people currently have the option of going home, changing, and coming back to Fairhaven, this is not always possible since some of us live in remote areas.

Effective immediately, if the first shift, and the block of time being “picked up,” is an hour or less apart, you will be given the option of going home to change/recharge (without pay; the change of uniform is mandatory), OR we will pay you for the time between the shifts (again, up to an hour) and you will continue to work on the floor until your next shift starts.

We will continue to ask, for now, that you do not bring takeout food into the home. Limiting the number of items brought into the home without passing a period in quarantine is still a very important infection control measure. Implementing control over the things we can control will balance out the things we can’t.

If you have any questions, please contact your Nursing Supervisor or Resident Care Manager. 


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