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Fairhaven Staff COVID Bulletin #105 – Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Supports for LTC Team Members – Please visit this website ( for various resources that are available for health care workers including:

  • Personal crisis assistance
  • Coping skills
  • Support for caregivers
  • Resilience/recharge practices
  • Mindfulness
  • Counselling
  • Frontline worker online training
  • Webinars


Fairhaven Staff COVID Bulletin #104

Today Peterborough Public Health notified Fairhaven that our scheduled vaccine administration date will be moved up, potentially to as early as Tuesday or Wednesday of this week (January 26 – 27).  This is going to be a large logistical challenge, on no notice, with several families having planned on more time to submit consents.  The Nursing Team will be busy tomorrow in preparation for an earlier date for Resident inoculations.

On the vaccination dates, we will have teams onsite from Peterborough Public Health to administer the Moderna vaccine to residents, starting at approximately 0930.  This will be a collaborative approach between Public Health Nurses and FH.

Please be aware that this has not been announced publicly and situations are so fluid that current tentative plans by Public Health are always subject to change.  In the interest of having this important challenge met successfully, we are forwarding the request from Public Health that we do not share this information outside of Fairhaven, including the posting of details on social media (CUPE will be posting this notice on your private FB group).

This is a tremendous first step to ensuring the safety of our Residents and, ultimately, to everyone that works at FH as well.  Thank you for your cooperation.


We have just been given confirmation that our outbreak is over.  Earlier today we were told that Fairhaven would be informed of Peterborough Public Health’s determination tomorrow morning.     Essential Caregiver (EC) attendance at Fairhaven will resume tomorrow afternoon.  We are still in a provincial lockdown so only one EC will be allowed at one time.  Faceshields must be worn unless they will not be within six feet of their loved one.  Resident leaves are still suspended.  If an EC asks about vaccination plans, we have not been given firm dates for our clinics onsite and it has not been confirmed that staff and ECs will receive their vaccinations on site or not.  I will communicate all of this information to family and staff as soon as we receive it.


I know that there are a lot of people out there that have made it through the past 11 months, and the holidays, without the benefit of having full weeks of holidays.  We also know that every Resident Home Area has people who need a break and also people who would like more hours.  We have developed this form for those who want a full week off.  These sheets can be printed off and posted on each home area.  Include your name, the week that you want off (and some other information), and other staff in your bubble will sign up for some, or all, of those shifts.  Hopefully this will provide a break for those that are needing time off, and some extra shifts for those that are looking for more hours.  If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Nursing Management Team.

Thank you.


We have been working with your CUPE Local to find a way to enhance the communication method for employee bulletins.  We will now be posting all notes to a new area on our website called CUPE News and Information.  No user names or passwords required.


I know we call have enough numbers already to keep track of, but I would like to encourage everyone to use the “back door” number of 705-743-4265 to call, or return calls from, Scheduling.  It could very well be quicker, especially if it is a busy day at Reception.  If people had each number in their phone, as a distinct contact, then both could be used to contact the Home, depending on what, and who, you need.   If you end up calling the regular number of 705-743-0881, you will be transferred to Scheduling.


The following information was recently posted on the Examiner webpage:

“Emergency child care services for provincially identified essential workers during the provincewide shutdown is being expanded with additional capacity starting next week, the city announced Friday.

Emergency child care services for children 3.8 to 12 years old (junior kindergarten, senior kindergarten and school-aged children) is available for provincially identified essential service workers in Peterborough city and county until the Jan. 25 scheduled end of the provincewide lockdown.

The emergency child care service is provided at no cost to eligible families of identified essential service workers under the provincial program administered by the city

To be eligible, families must have no other option for child care and be working outside of their home, according to a press release from the city.

Registration opened Friday. Families can register at Registration will be managed by the chosen emergency child care agency. Final approvals will be completed by city staff.

With the exception of the emergency child care agencies, all other operators of before- and after-school programs have been required to close until Jan. 23 and are prohibited from charging fees or otherwise penalizing parents (such as by losing spaces) during the time period.

Family centres cannot offer indoor or outdoor programming during the lockdown either and are being encouraged to provide virtual programming.

Licensed centre-based and home child care can remain open during the lockdown. Most licensed child care centres in the city and county are open and are providing regular full day services for infants and toddlers up to 3.8 years, the release states.”