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There are no suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Fairhaven for Residents or Employees.

June 1st, 2020 – COVID-19 UPDATE

We have received all of our test results for Residents that were swabbed during our Home-wide resident COVID-19 testing of Saturday, May 2nd.  All results were NEGATIVE.  We have not been notified of any positive staff cases by individuals or by Peterborough Public Health. A lot of hard work, selfless actions, cooperation from Residents, and support from families has led to the point where we do not having any suspected or confirmed cases, for Residents or staff. 

It is great that we’ve been successful so far but we all know that the pandemic is not close to being over and one misstep can put us into an outbreak.  Thank you once again to everyone that came out to get tested.  It isn’t an overly pleasant experience but it certainly gives us a snapshot of how we were doing, as of that day, which is important in enforcing how important it is to maintain our vigilance and hard work going forward.  Keep up the great effort everyone!.

Messages to Friends & Family From Some of Our Residents …

April 9th, 2020 – COVID-19 UPDATE

Proactive Steps Taken to Prepare for Management of the Covid-19 Virus

Transformation of Great Room into Isolation Ward

Thank you and be safe

Our Great Room has been transformed into an isolation unit for use in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak at our Home. We felt it was necessary to take this step in order to be fully prepared for the containment of the virus if it reaches our building. We will be moving our employee screening to the lower employee entrance and this will be the only door that anyone will enter or exit from Fairhaven. Everyone, except EMS personnel, has their temperature taken when they arrive and when they leave, in addition to being asked screening questions. All Residents are being screened twice a day as well.

The Great Room has had plumbing rerouted to accommodate self-contained laundry operations and its activity storage room is now a medical supply closet that will contain everything needed to care for Residents. Even garbage from this area will not enter Fairhaven at any point. The hallway outside of our double entry doors for the Great Room now has two new doors on either side that can be shut at any time to completely shut off the area to the rest of the Home. The bathrooms in that hallway would then be used for sick Residents and for staff caring for them (one for each group). We are also starting a Resident Home Area staffing plan on Monday. This will “cohort” a specific group of people with each area to decrease the risk of cross-contamination and will have the Home completely prepared for the staffing “bubbles” that we would need to implement in the event of an outbreak. Please be assured that we have decided to take all of these steps proactively so that we can move immediately to containment mode if an outbreak of the coronavirus does occur. We are working tirelessly to facilitate connections between our Residents and loved ones and to help everyone here (staff and Residents) get through these unprecedented times.