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Fairhaven COVID-19 Family Communication October 22, 2020


New cases of COVID-19, in provincial “hotspots,” that surround the greater Peterborough area, continue to climb.  Even more worrying is the “positive rate” of the tests taken which, in some areas is inching towards 5%.  The chart below shows the active outbreaks in the Province as of yesterday.

It is imperative that, as we all experience pandemic fatigue, that we somehow become even more vigilant than we have been in the past.  With holidays coming, we do not want to see many smaller “micro-spreader” events any more than we want super spreader scenarios.


  • Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • Peel Region
  • York Region
  • Ottawa

It is not just your health, or the health of your loved one, that is at stake; it is also the health of every Resident that lives at Fairhaven and every employee that works here.  Thank you.

Active OutbreaksYesterday / Hier7-day average /
Moyenne de 7 jours
Hospitals  16  13
Long-Term Care Homes  80  74
Retirement Homes  47  46
Group Homes  31  27
Correctional Facilities  2  2
Shelters  8  8
Daycare  40  35
Workplace – Farm  4  4
Workplace – Food Processing  12  12
Workplace – Other  91  93
Other Congregate Settings  52  54
Undefined  4  4
Schools – Elementary  27  29
Schools – Secondary  5  5
Schools – Elementary/Secondary  4  4

Fairhaven COVID-19 Family Communication October 13, 2020 (COVID-19 Outbreak Update – Fairhaven)

This morning, Fairhaven’s COVID-19 outbreak was declared officially over by Peterborough Public Health.  Individuals can start calling Reception to either book indoor, or outdoor tent visits, or to designate essential caregiver status.  As noted in the latest guidelines from the Province, Essential Caregivers are those who actually provide different types of care such as feeding, personal care, etc. and can only be changed if:

  • There is a change in the condition of a Resident, or;
  • There is a change in the availability of the Essential Caregiver.

We will not be re-starting general visits (outside and in the Great Room) until tomorrow but, as mentioned above, you can start to book visits today by calling Reception.  To designate Essential Caregiver status, please call Reception as well.

As mentioned on September 9th, the Province has started to allow Residents to plan leaves of absences (LOAs).  All long term care Homes have been concerned about the potential this decision has to add another layer of risk at this stage in the pandemic.  With public and post-secondary schools reporting cases, and record numbers of positive tests occurring in the Province, there is no way of measuring how the increased interaction of Residents with the public will increase the danger of them contracting COVID-19.  Please ensure that you read the attached updated Resident Leave guidelines that were communicated on October 8thWhile many homes have decided to not allow LOAs, Fairhaven believes that we need to strike a proper balance in maintaining the physical and mental health of everyone.  Please pay particular attention to the requirement to be tested and isolated for 7 days upon the Resident’s return to Fairhaven.

As you’ll also recall, the updated visiting policy for Homes greatly increased the amount of interactions between Residents and visitors to Fairhaven.  I fully respect how difficult it has been for family members since the middle of March.  However, we are entering a phase of the pandemic for which we have no guideposts.  To be fully transparent, we are encouraging people to limit their in-Room visits with loved ones to as few as possible.  While we are always hiring for direct care positions, our staffing situation could not be better, under these circumstances, and we are managing to continue the high level of care that was provided before the pandemic.  Our indoor and outdoor visits are still available and we can try to accommodate more than one per week when it is possible.  People can be fully careful in their daily lives and still manage to carry the coronavirus from one location to another. 

We are urgently asking all staff and family members to eliminate all non-essential travel to Toronto, Ottawa, Peel Region, York Region and Hamilton.  With provincial caseloads hitting levels far above those seen at the beginning of the pandemic, we need to protect our greater Peterborough “bubble” and remain close to home as much as possible.

To manage the current extra level of infection risk, Fairhaven is now requiring proof of a negative test result in the 14 days prior to any “in-room” Essential Caregiver visits.  Please refer to the Essential Caregiver guidelines that were distributed on October 8th.  Section 2.0 (Guiding Principles) of the “Resuming Visits in Long Term Care Homes” Guideline, issued on September 2, 2020 recognizes the need for flexibility in setting Home specific policies and cites: “physical/infrastructure characteristics of the home, it’s staffing availability, whether the home is in an outbreak and the current status of the home with respect to personal protective equipment (PPE) are all variables to take into account when setting home specific policies.”  Guiding principles of the document include: “Safety:  Any approach to visiting must balance the health and safety needs of residents, staff and visitors and ensure risks are mitigated.” 

This clear responsibility which has been given to long term care homes, while we battle record numbers of cases in the Province, and growing numbers of local cases, necessitates the new requirement for proof of testing status.

September 30, 2020 – Updated COVID-19 Family Communication

The following is a quick update on the status of our COVID-19 outbreak at Fairhaven:

  • There remains only one staff member that is COVID-19 positive
  • No evidence of transmission within the home has been noted
  • All Residents and staff on Westview 4 have been tested and today, September 30th, our bi-monthly, home-wide staff testing took place
  • 148 specimens were sent today for processing for a two-day total of 247
  • We will continue to swab for the rest of the week.

September 29, 2020 – Updated COVID-19 Family Communication

Update on outbreak declared on Monday, September 28, 2020

Yesterday morning at 0845 our outbreak was declared over

Approximately 15 minutes later we received word of a positive COVID-19 test in a staff member (unrelated to the most recent outbreak)

We are now in a second outbreak; the two outbreaks are unrelated

We have declared the outbreak on WV4 only. This means that all residents and staff who have worked in WV4 since the 15th of September will be tested for COVID-19 as part of the outbreak. ALL staff who have worked in WV4 between the dates of Sept 15-24, 2020 are strongly encouraged to be tested as soon as possible.

There is no evidence of transmission within the home and there have been no high-risk contacts identified.

We will continue with Surveillance Testing for the rest of the staff as planned on Wednesday, September 30th, of this week

We will continue to limit essential visitors only to those residents who are receiving end of life care as our local and provincial numbers climb.

September 28, 2020 – Updated COVID-19 Family Communication

This morning, the COVID-19 outbreak at Fairhaven was declared over. Approximately 15 minutes later, a staff test result was received by Peterborough Public Health (PPH) that was eventually declared to be a true positive case. As it only takes one positive result to be considered in a COVID-19 outbreak, we are now back into that category. We share in the disappointment of family and Residents and will pass on more information after PPH continues their preliminary work on the case.

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