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Fairhaven Family COVID-19 Communication – February 23, 2021 – Second Resident Vaccination Date

As reported by local media outlets, large shipments of vaccines are expected to arrive in Peterborough soon, which could lead to the second vaccination date for Residents being as early as the end of this week (Friday, February 26th).  All outstanding consent forms should be returned as soon as possible.  Please keep the following in mind:

  • For those Residents, whose forms were missing information, we will be calling their families
  • Anyone who wishes to speak to a health professional should contact our Director of Care (Betty Hazen – ext 233).

Please be aware that this has not been announced publicly and situations are so fluid that current tentative plans by Public Health are always subject to change.  In the interest of having this important challenge met successfully, we are echoing the request from Public Health that we do not share this information, including the posting of details on social media.

In the interest of ensuring that the all vaccines are administered efficiently, with such a large amount of individuals working on the inoculation “strike teams,” we need to delay any general or essential caregiver visits, planned for February 26th, to a later date.

This is a tremendous milestone in ensuring the safety of our Residents.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Fairhaven Family COVID-19 Communication – February 17, 2021

Further Changes to Frequency of Caregiver and Visitor Testing

With the transition of the Peterborough Public Health region to a “yellow zone” designation, long term care homes will now begin to accept “general visitors” again.  “Starting Thursday, February 18th you can call Reception (705-743-4265) to book visiting times, which will start Monday, February 22nd, in our Great Room. General visitors will enter Fairhaven via the front doors of our Home where they will be screened by Fairhaven personnel.  As part of the screening process, you will be asked to provide proof that you have received a negative COVID-19 test during the previous 14 days, and attest to not having had a positive test since the negative result was received.  Those who have had their full vaccinations will, in the immediate term, also be allowed to book general visits without proof of negative COVID tests. 

As noted in the February 12th family communication, the Ministry of Health will soon be transitioning to a new surveillance testing system, mandated to be in effect by March 15thPlease note that the frequency of testing for all visitors and caregivers was changed this morning, from each time individuals enter Fairhaven, to three times per week.  The use of PCR testing (polymerase chain reaction), will be phased out by March 15th, and all swabs will be Rapid Antigen Resting (Rapid Ag) “quick tests.”  All visitor and caregiver tests will be administered by Fairhaven staff individuals can proceed to other areas of the Home.  As of March 15th, Fairhaven will no longer be able to accept PCR, or provincial lab tests, as evidence that individuals do not have COVID-19. 

The following images depict the various types of swabs: Deep Nasal, Throat (combined with nostrils), and Nasopharyngeal.

  1. Deep Nasal: The swab is inserted deep into the nose, but not so far as the nasopharyngeal cavity. The swab is twirled around several times in each nostril. This test must be performed by registered staff.
  2. Combined Throat & Nose Swab: The swab is inserted into the posterior oral pharynx (i.e. the back of the throat, not the tonsils). The same swab is then inserted in each nostril and swirled around several times. This test may be performed by a healthcare professional.
  3. Nasopharyngeal: This is the swab technique that we have been using.  It is performed on one side only. This test must be performed by registered staff.

The only reason you will not be required to be tested 3 times a week is if you are not physically in the building three times a week. Please also note that testing is mandated by the Ministry of Long Term Care. If someone refuses to be tested, or refuses to be tested with the mandatory frequency, they will not be allowed in our facility.

More information will be forwarded as we begin our required transition.