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Provincial Lockdown Coming into Effect Friday Night at 12:01am

More news is breaking about the impending 28 day province wide lockdown to take effect Friday, April 2nd at midnight.  While we have few details regarding the move, Fairhaven has planned for what we expect to hear later today.

All Essential Caregivers (ECs) will be allowed to visit loved ones during the lockdown.  This is in compliance with Ministry guidelines and reflects our concern for the mental health of our Residents.  However, with cases of variants of concern (VOCs) climbing rapidly, we can have lenience for the improper wearing of PPE.  It has remained necessary to remind some folks that masks need to be worn above your nose and face shields must be worn at all times.  We are required to provide a warning/reminder to visitors and, after that point, those that are not complying with PPE rules will need to leave the Home for a period of time to be determined.   Once again.  If you are frustrated with the situation, I understand because I am tired of the pandemic as well.  However, any abuse towards staff will require the immediate exiting of our facility.  However tired we are, you can rest assured they are more exhausted.  We will be supporting our staff 100% in their actions to ensure everyone in the building is following PPE protocols. 

Peterborough Public Health has also done extraordinary work in keeping our community as healthy as possible, under extreme pressure and conditions.  From public education, to contact tracing, to vaccinations, they have been the backbone of our success in beating back our outbreaks so I would urge everyone to support them as we, hopefully, make a final push towards the pandemic’s finish line.

It is unfortunate that this lockdown is happening but the variant virus is outpacing vaccinations and erasing hospital ICU capacity.  We need to hold on for four more weeks, after which I sincerely hope our vaccination numbers are high enough to drive caseloads down as we enter the late Spring/early Summer period.

Thank you.

Fairhaven Family COVID-19 Communication – March 31, 2021

Dropping of Parcels for Residents

Unfortunately, our Home has experienced a theft of items that were dropped off, between our front doors, after hours.  Our surveillance cameras were able to get clear pictures of the people and witnesses saw them running down our bank next to the retaining wall on the east of the Fairhaven grounds.

Clearly this is very disappointing, in so many ways, but Peterborough Police Services will be provided all of the information that we have and we are confident that they will be able to identify the thieves. 

Unfortunately, we are going to need to ask that all parcels for Residents be dropped off, during weekdays, before 7:30pm every evening and not before 7:30am in the morning.  On weekends, parcels should be dropped off no earlier than 9:00am and no later that 5:00pm.  Thank you for your co-operation.


There have been many inquiries about when visiting care resume.  I feel that the difference between visitors and essential caregivers needs to be discussed.  If you are an essential caregiver (deemed by the Ministry as one of two people), you provide indispensable physical (personal care, movement) or mental care (cognitive stimulation) to a Resident.  This differs from a general visitor who is coming to see someone to provide a social outlet for both parties. 

When vaccinations for staff and essential caregivers were being planned with our health unit, there was a point where the list was “frozen” as in we needed to provide the information to Peterborough Public Health so that they could enter the EC names in their database.  The inclusion of ECs in the group of people being allowed to have a vaccine earlier than anyone else was put in place to acknowledge the fact that they were integral to providing physical or mental health care for their loved one.  That isn’t to say another family member didn’t, or wouldn’t, support mental or physical health but, to ensure that everyone providing health care (staff or family) had the strong protection of a vaccine. 

It seems to be working.  As of today, there are only less than 10 homes in Ontario with a Resident case of COVID and less than 5 COVID positive Residents in total.  With variant cases rising in Ontario (and locally), we need to limit that essential caregiver, extra close/prolonged contact, to those that are vaccinated.  However, our case counts may be cresting which could lead to us exiting the red zone within a week or two unless provincial cases necessitate an Ontario-wide lockdown.  General visitors will be allowed in the Great Room again as soon as we are placed in the orange or lower categories.  Non of this is perfect but has been put in place by our province and our provincial public health authorities, to provide as much protection as possible for residents while allowing those to have close contact that were deemed to provide important, close, physical and mental care for Residents.

I will once again respectfully ask that, even though you are incredibly frustrated with the situation, please do not blame our staff, or the staff of Peterborough Public Health.  Both organizations have been working tirelessly to maintain the health of individuals in our community and will continue to do so until the pandemic is brought under control.

Happy National Volunteer Week

April 18-24/21

The National Volunteer Week theme for 2021, The Value of One, The Power of Many, reflects on the awe-inspiring acts of kindness by millions of individuals AND the magic that happens when we work together towards a common purpose.

Even though this past year has been very different from what we normally see from our volunteers, we want to recognize them for picking Fairhaven as their place to want to volunteer their time. We have seen so many wonderful acts of kindness throughout this pandemic. Things like drive by parades, pen pal programs, donations from our loving community, and friendly phone calls just to name a few. Without our dedicated volunteers, a lot of what we do and what we have at Fairhaven would not be possible. We hope soon that we will see their happy smiling faces again throughout the home and that we will be able to offer the numerous individuals contacting Fairhaven about volunteering, a position with us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do for the residents and staff at Fairhaven. Your love and dedication are appreciated more than you will ever know!

Emily Collins, Volunteer Resource Coordinator

Thank you.