Committee of Management – Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference Committee of Management

Committee of Management – Current Membership

There are 7 members on the Fairhaven Committee of Management, 2 appointed by each the City and County of Peterborough and 3 selected as Community Representatives


The current members of the Fairhaven Committee of Management are:

Keith Riel – Chair, City Councillor

Ron Gerow – Vice Chair, County Councillor

Dave Haacke – City Councillor

Doug Hutton – County Councillor

Claude Dufresne – Community Representative

Doug Pearcy – Community Representative

Trang (Tia) Nguyen- Community Representative

If you would like to contact any member from the Committee of Management please email Lionel Towns,  Executive Director at  and identify the Board member’s name in the “subject line;” your message will be forwarded.

Committee Meetings

Approved Minutes from 2016 Committee of Management meetings are available under “Minutes” and approved minutes for earlier years are posted under “Minute Archive”.