Employee Satisfaction

Annual Satisfaction Survey for Employees

As an employer, Fairhaven is very concerned about the well being of the individuals who work in the Home in all areas of service; positive attitudes lead to positive actions.

It is imperative that Fairhaven employees provide the highest level of customer service possible, in accordance with the Home’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Our Process

In order to verify that a positive work-life balance is being maintained at Fairhaven, employees are asked to complete an annual Satisfaction Survey.  Results are compiled by a third party.  Once tabulated, the results are distributed, and a management leader is assigned to recruit a work group representing employees from most departments.  This group is mandated to consider the feedback from the survey in order to prepare an action plan which responds to the identified needs.  This Action Plan is shared with the leadership team and work begins according the timelines and responsible employees.

Our Survey

Completed in the fall of 2015, the Fairhaven Employee Satisfaction Survey questions can be viewed below:

Employee Survey 2015

Our 2015 Action Plan

The 2015 employees working group selected three focus areas based on the 2015 Survey Results.

  1. Availability of equipment and supplies.
  2. Opportunity for participating in decisions that affect your role.
  3. Extent to which you feel valued, appreciated and supported by Fairhaven.

They brainstormed about ways improvements could be achieved in each of the above areas.  Finally, the members decided which actions would be included in their action plan.  The results are available below:

Staff Satisfaction Committee 2016 Action Plan 2