Employee Appreciation

“I love all the staff and they’re very good to me.”

Paul Paige, Fairhaven Resident

Staff Appreciation and Service Awards

Congratulations to all of our recipients who received their Staff Appreciation Awards on June 24th 2015. This was very well attended and the casino/ice cream bar was a big hit! Have a look of the list of recipients below. Thank you to Lana who, with her team and assistance from the management team, organized a great event. We also appreciated the Committee of Management members who came out to help us this year – Keith Riel, Ken Jackman and Dave Haacke.

We have numerous staff who have been here for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 years – which states we have been caring for generations. Without your dedication and commitment Fairhaven would not be recognized in the community as a reputable home. It is your smile and laugh that brightens our residents’ days.  Cheerful attitudes are “contagious” and have a positive effect in the work environment.

Thank you to everyone who continues to make Fairhaven a wonderful place to live and work.

 Joy Husak, CEO


5 Years
10 Years
15 Years
20 Years
25 Years
30 Years
35 Years
Dana Laufer
Katreona MaCrae
Kim Pottle
Liana Drummond
Emmanuel Derivera
Sonya Budgell
Mike Little
Mary Fullerton
Tammy McGinn
Jenna Bannerman
Frances Robinson
Matthew Sheehan
Gerry Sharpe
Sheridan Cardwell
Danielle Hill
Anne Florence
Betty Hazen
Jessica Vanin
Kazimiera Tryba
Sharon Caissie
Bonnie Parsons
April Dew
Meghan Arnott
Leah MacLaren
Erin Bonnet
Mark Priaulx
Darlene Sullivan
Lisa Black
Kim Byers
Jennifer Beaith
Jennifer Baro
Andrea Legault
Casandra Powers
Heather Crough
Wendy Marshall
Minu Darling
Jackie Patterson
Doug Cumming
Barbara Gillen
Marlene Cumming
Barbara McLean
Anne Hadwyn
Bogda Tyka
Lisa Jones
Josee Delisle
Kim Merrin
Clara Doyle
Harry Fernandes
Kathy Barbisan
Michele Hargreaves
Paul Geen
Louise Deforge